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STEKI in the internationalization of the road, thinking of corporate social responsibility and exploration are going deeper. But for the growth of STEKI, the corporate social responsibility sustainable development of enterprises is not only DNA, but also STEKI world card. From a native of private enterprise, to today's multinational companies, STEKI has experienced several stages, each stage of the understanding of corporate social responsibility is also different, but STEKI been looking for the path of sustainable development of enterprises. STEKI the path before and not many private companies have experienced, STEKI hope he is not only pioneers, but also can become a leader in the local industries and enterprises. And this leadership not only in the company's governance model, will also be reflected in the company's operating business values ??and corporate social responsibility.


As said, "to help the community is actually helping our companies own and actively participate in solving the world's most pressing challenges will help companies develop a virtuous cycle." And STEKI core values ??is "good at quality wins in the service ", STEKI committed to a responsible corporate citizen. In fact, STEKI the one hand, in relation to enterprise management system, staff and leadership at all levels, to engage in corporate self-improvement. The other hand, a positive back to society. STEKI will choose public practice of social responsibility projects and hold on four characteristics:


The first is innovation, STEKI insist on innovation, committed to providing innovative products and services;


The second is high-tech, STEKI hope to industry technology and management experience, applied to the STEKI corporate social responsibility projects and operations;


The third is an international, STEKI want their application to international corporate responsibility on the road;


Fourth, leadership, STEKI want to become a pioneer in corporate social responsibility and leader.


Participation in social, STEKI will combine its own characteristics, focusing on "bridging the digital divide, environmental protection, education, poverty relief," the four areas, and through the "combination of business development strategy, the introduction of innovative public service system, adhere to the traditional charitable donation" three practice the principle of responsibility. Meanwhile, STEKI will start-up grass-roots grass-roots and public organizations to provide funding and capacity building support. At the same time, taking into account the student population in employment challenges, STEKI implemented for national students, and young people entering the workplace, open selection of outstanding graduates and provide them with professional training, public service internships and other critical support. As a continuation of STEKI community projects, STEKI youth employment programs to guide public and help more young people join the public welfare, employment for youth groups to provide new ideas for promoting innovation in China to contribute to public welfare. Today's STEKI go fast on the road in the development of the face of the environment, the changing market, I believe STEKI corporate social responsibility and need to constantly improve and expand. It can be said, STEKI of corporate social responsibility is also to go on the road.


Committed to being good corporate citizens is one of the core values ??STEKI. STEKI encourage and support employees to use their knowledge and skills necessary to provide volunteer services. The values ??are based on the company where its behavior has a broad impact on society, and social development also affect the success of the company's ability to pursue business on the idea. Therefore, STEKI actively the company activities on economic, social and environmental impacts, and through, and local communities, government agencies and other relevant departments to achieve long-term interests.


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