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Many people think that environmental protection is a business not to do things, that environmental protection is a business to pay the extra cost. But the fact is not that kind of. We are committed to becoming a socially responsible company, achieved through sustained improvements in environmental health and safety management excellence is our highest priority.


From the past, present and future, our innovative products and solutions is committed to protecting the global environment and human health. Protect employees in the workplace health and safety is part of the core STEKI corporate culture.


We meet or exceed current regulatory standards, design, development, production and marketing of our products and services. Each employee at work should comply with this policy and all applicable rules and regulations, we also encourage our partners to abide by these terms.


In order to achieve the dream of sustainable social, STEKI strive in their own business activities and product range throughout the entire life cycle in 2005 to develop "environmental zero-load" the long-term vision. Today, STEKI developed a "zero-load environment," environment plan. Not only for climate change, but also covers recycling, chemical management, biodiversity. STEKI also set a 2015 target of green management for technology development to product recovery from the goods of different life cycle stages of the development of the target.


STEKI adhering to corporate social instrument is the concept of the "coexistence with the global environment" to develop the ideal one for the cause, and has continued to promote and strengthen environmental management activities. Since the plant investment in China since, STEKI attaches great importance to environmental protection business, and continuously improve environmental management capacity and level.


Due responsibility as a business, STEKI been actively committed to environmental protection activities. In line with the Chinese government "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" to achieve environmental goals, issued the Declaration on China's environmental contribution to enterprise, and begin to implement a "green product" production, "Clean Factory" to create and "green action" as the goal of practice plan, namely "to improve the environmental performance of all products", "created by the factory to clean all the factory" and "green business practices action on all continents," these three areas. To make these goals are achieved.


STEKI continuous deepening of the continental environmental protection activities.


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