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Any business can have a culture, it is necessary for STEKI to establish a unified corporate culture - a people-oriented, customer-oriented culture. As the saying goes: "He that knows nothing, doubts nothing." We do not want to see the same is STEKI, different departments have different values, we do not want to see some departments at the black box phenomenon. We hope to see each of our departments, our every employee, every leading cadres in uniform STEKI cultures and common development.


Many companies have advocated the establishment of "people-oriented" corporate culture, and STEKI the "people-oriented" understanding is: by STEKI career goals of individual employees to achieve the ideals and the pursuit of the realization of high-quality life. Thus STEKI the core concept of culture is "the employee's individual pursuit into long-term development into." Employee's personal pursuit into long-term development into. " This sentence contains three meanings: (1) the pursuit of individual employees only with the long-term development objectives (corporate loyalty, dedication to business development), be possible to be achieved; (2) enterprise development, and is bound to give employees more opportunities for development for each employee to provide "no ceiling of the stage." (3)STEKI for each employee to provide equal opportunities for development, Bu academic abilities, Bu re-qualification results, each STEKI employee has considerable stage, everyone has a chance of success, employees and business are interdependent, mutual promotion and common success.


STEKI promote customer awareness of the meaning of "customer first, credit-oriented." Less than ideal customer awareness of the content advocates what is it? STEKI promote customer awareness embodied in the four areas. First, the treatment of end customers: the example of service delivery, whether to achieve timely and effective; in the maintenance of the final product, the process to answer questions, whether the customer patiently explain our services policies; Also in our transport process, the box appeared prints and rust, and if we can correctly interpret the customer or take into account these issues; up to develop the entire product design consideration is the customer's perspective, or on our own this regard, which are directly related to the customer. Second, treatment of partners: the agency agreement, such as whether the relevant provisions in the fair treatment of our agents; dividend yield calculated on the business if we can stress credibility; Shipping above in a timely manner we can consider for the customer, not just from their own fees, costs to consider; Also in contact with the agents, we are able to communicate in a timely manner.


In addition to these two aspects, we advocate the same in-house customer awareness of each other, in two specific areas: such as whether to be issued a document issued a document clearly, issued a document intended to understand the other side. For cooperation between the departments, whether active, positive rather than the Selection Committee, slack; e-mail processing efficiency is timely and timely fill units, etc.; the relationship between upper and lower levels: the relationship between higher and lower levels are also practical reflects a mutual customers.

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