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"Compliance", by definition, is normative, in line with regulations. Specifically, compliance is to ensure that our actions and activities, and national laws and regulations, industry rules and regulations, guidelines and other internal regulations consistent compliance observe moment, according to law. The so-called culture of compliance is the postal financial institutions to promote honesty, integrity, ethics and code of conduct, establish compliance is everyone's responsibility to create value and compliance values, nurture and promote good compliance culture, sustained for the postal financial services , development of health and safety protection. Facing the new situation and new challenges, STEKI in nurturing aspects of corporate compliance culture, including the following points:


First, people-oriented, positive team-building to create compliance staff


Learning, training, employee education is to promote STEKI control laws and regulations and internal control system provides enhanced business law, compliance awareness and effective way to operate. STEKI employees to the status quo for staff, targeted training to develop long-term planning, not only to focus on business training, but also focus on knowledge and professional ethics and regulations to learn. By regulations of the study, the staff know and understanding, to enhance awareness of compliance management, and the infiltrate into the daily business operations which, in the practical operation of the compliance staff to deepen understanding and awareness; regular employees systematic, targeted, specialized compliance training, such as learning to carry out anti-money laundering law, commenting on the case of special treatment, new processes such as training activities, business operations, so that employees keep abreast of the risk dynamics, control operational risks of the method, positive A typical case of warning to carry out education. Only the staff really aware of compliance in order to win trust, only to achieve effective compliance, and only the future of compliance could be developed. Through the compliance culture, the fate of the staff and STEKI fate closely linked to maximize the staff's initiative and creativity, promote STEKI healthy and rapid development. In strengthening the process of staff education, staff should pay attention to moral education and moral accomplishments.


Second, improve the system, to build a system construction platform, strengthening the basis for compliance management


Constantly improve and perfect the management system of internal control STEKI STEKI compliance culture is to cultivate grassroots projects: (1) to further standardize the business processes. To sort out the existing rules and regulations and improved focus on improving the credit management, authorization of responsibility, cost control, financial management, accountability and other rules and regulations of bad loans, so that system management job and cover every aspect, so that each system specific and process-oriented; (2) to establish the compliance of internal control management system. Internal control system of the building needs a complete internal control system for unified coordination and management. Therefore, the response STEKI business risk point of the classification and tips to assess credit business lines and internal control conditions, and implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation; (3) to establish a long-term incentive mechanism and evaluation mechanisms. The compliance risk management into the scope of the annual performance appraisal, ensure compliance of business development and follow a good balance, play an effective role in guiding, reflecting advocate compliance, impose sanctions, rewards good ideas, the compliance into a competitive advantage; (4) to establish a credit reporting system. Commitment to the community through public service, the establishment of service monitoring station, to report cases, hotlines and other means of public communication and information channels to make full use of public external oversight role in promoting their own services and social image improved.


Third, intensify supervision and checks, and create a culture of compliance


Activities in the compliance culture in the implementation process, we should start with the inspection and supervision, the compliance culture-building activities and management objectives, moral hazard prevention, case specific work in conjunction to promote the effective implementation of the internal control system. Control system requirements and job-related operational processes, we carefully examine their own organization to do every job, every business, every thing, is not the legal compliance, and carefully written self-examination report. (1) to strengthen the post-supervision responsibilities. The daily business of STEKI credentials after supervision, inspection and record of the problems identified for the first time to inform and rectification to ensure effective control of the state of the business. (2) to strengthen business checks. The use of routine inspection and special inspection of a combination of grassroots credit cooperatives all-round business checks, to identify the key points and key links, and to analyze, solve, regulate and correct, to create a Compliance of the atmosphere. (3) according to the business changes, to adjust inspection focus. (4) to strengthen accountability. Implementation of the internal control system, there is a breach of discipline the behavior of people and things, provisions must be strictly under the rules, put forward opinions and suggestions and supervise the implementation. (5) to help strengthen the education of key personnel. Have a negative tendency of employees to implement the "one" of helping the education system, to guide them into thinking, concentrate on work.


Compliance culture-building and training, is a matter of STEKI long-term development, healthy and safe development of an important strategic project. Levels STEKI especially leading cadres at all levels of leadership and to attach great importance to the "Compliance Management" theme activities, closely integrated with the actual situation, carefully arranged, well-organized. At the same time, should take this as an opportunity to comprehensively strengthen the compliance culture fostered by exploration and practice, efforts to reduce business risk, reduce the risk of the case, for the sound and rapid development of a strong STEKI reliable guarantee.


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