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Taiwan TANGYING Co., Ltd. is Taiwan's first contact with mechanical clutches, brakes companies. After more than thirty years development and experience,it has become Taiwan's leading industrial clutch, brake manufacturer ; In mainland China , TANGYING , a number of factories and invest in the establishment of a complete sales network dedicated to STEKI to promote the brand.


We provide high-quality product portfolio: Air Clutch, Air Brake (air compressor clutch, air brakes), air hydraulic disc brakes, electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic brakes, magnetic clutches, magnetic brakes, tension control systems, ultra-durable safety clip head.


Products are widely used: printing machinery, packaging machinery, corrugated machinery, cable equipment, textile machinery, rubber machinery, tire machinery, assembly line, paper machinery, construction machinery, food machinery, plywood machinery......


Over 30 years Taiwan Tang Ying maintaining its "quality creates brand, service to win customers" business philosophy, we not only provide high-quality industrial products, more customers with comprehensive and efficient after-sales service and technical support.



Boundless devotion to innovation 
Technology is the core of TANGYING, because only our continual investment in the professional level research and development can create the innovative products leading the industry trend.


Quality first, never compromise 
High quality is the most important thing for TANGYING. In every process, we constantly check the quality management and the details. What we do is to ensure that the customers will be able to enjoy cost-effective high quality solution.


Long-term cooperative relation 
We believe that our partners can grow together with TANGYING at any stage. Maintaining good relationship with business partners is the most important key for us to achieve continual success in all aspects.


All the staff in TANGYING have a common goal. We learn and grow in the pressure situation, and all are brave enough to accept the challenge. We hope that through the unremitting efforts of our whole company, each individual can enjoy the convenience brought about by technological innovation.


We depend on an effective growth to achieve sustainable development, and take the balanced business association as a lever to achieve the integration effect of cross region and cross business areas, pursue the perfection and excellence. That is just the practice of the promises for making contributions to the society.



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